Wardrobe Detox - Day 3

Are you ready to go? Let’s do it! Today and the next couple of days will be about decluttering and organising your wardrobe.

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You can either work in sub-categories as listed below, or you can wait until you’ll have received the two subsequent emails and do it in one big sweep. Up to you.


Take out all garments listed below from your wardrobe or wherever they are stored in the house. Throw it all on one pile. This is important so you can see how much exactly you have of each category.

– Tops (t-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops)
– Bottoms (long and short pants, leggings)
– Skirts
– Dresses
– Costumes / evening wear


Give the closet / shelves a quick clean.


Working through the sub-categories, take each piece in your hands and ask yourself this one question: ‘Does it spark joy? (read more about this method in this blog post). If this question doesn’t do it for you, click here to download and use my Wardrobe Detox Flowchart.


If it passes the test, it goes on the ‘keep’ pile. If not, decide here and now what to do with it – donate, sell, hand down, put in rubbish bin?


Before you put the ‘keepers’ back into the wardrobe, re-think your zones. Is it all going back to where it was or do you want to re-arrange things? Don’t forget to give the most accessible space to the garments you wear most often.


Put everything back neatly and enjoy the new look!

Happy decluttering!

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