As certified personal photo organisers, Fiona and I are very passionate about helping others achieve their own photo organising goals. We have teamed up to share our knowledge, in a practical way, to help you complete your own personal photo organising projects. We know first hand how overwhelming and big these projects can be and are looking forward to sharing our practical tips with you.


Episode #001
Welcome and 5 Golden Rules of Photo Organising

Episode #002
Golden Rule 1 – Backup

Episode #003
Golden Rule 2 – Know Your Why

Episode #004
Golden Rule 3 – Create a Hub

Episode #005
Golden Rule 4 – Sort and Organise
(Part 1 – Digital Photos)

Episode #006
Golden Rule 4 – Sort and Organise
(Part 2 – Printed Photos)

Episode #007
Golden Rule 5 – Do Something!

Episode #008
Create a Yearly Photobook

Episode #009
Understanding Photo Metadata

Episode #010
Understanding Google Photos

Episode #011
KonMari your Photos?

Episode #012
Fabulous Photo Gift Ideas

Episode #013
Scan or not to Scan

Episode #014
Listener Questions Part I

Episode #015
Listener Questions Part II

Episode #016
Keep photos safe while travelling

Episode #017
What does a Photo Organiser do?


Sorting Printed Photos

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