We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

~ Katie Thomas ~

Here is your return ticket to these precious memories!

Let Simply In Order help you to organise and present your photos in a way that will make it easy for you to relive, share and enjoy your memories.

My services include:


Scanning printed photos and slides

Safe your precious printed photos, slides and documents and have them digitised.


Digital Photo Organising

Let’s set up a system to help you look after your digital photo collection. No need to be very tech-savvy, we will find the right system for you. It can be completely software independent and there is no need to use a fancy photo management system if you don’t wish to do so.


Backup Systems

To minimise the risk of losing your precious photos we can set up a backup system meeting your needs.


Maintenance of your Photo Collection

Once it’s all sorted, organised and backed up, it is going to get out of hand again quickly if the photo collection is not maintained regularly. Let Simply In Order take care of it and have peace of mind that all is in order.


Photo Books


Photo Slideshows

Customised photo/video slideshows, complete with music and in various formats depending on your needs (click here to see examples, or here for a wedding, an art project or a children’s artwork collection. More to follow.)


Photo Gifts

  • mugs
  • keyrings
  • calendars
  • mouse mats
  • magnets
  • ornaments
  • and many more




Take your first step towards conquering your photo overwhelm!


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to discuss how I can help you best!


Sorting Printed Photos

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