Does your sister have hospital cover?
Where are your children’s birth certificates?
Have your parents made changes to their will recently?

Everyone has paperwork. Lots of it! It starts with a birth certificate, then school reports, then becomes a daunting pile of university transcripts, licences, tax returns, bank records, mortgage documents, ownership papers, and certificates for absolutely everything. Most people struggle to deal with all that paper – and many of us have to manage it for children, partners, and parents too.

So, what’s the problem?

Dealing with their own paperwork presents plenty of challenge for most people, even the impeccably organised. But imagine trying to deal with someone else’s system! Would you know where to begin? Would you even know where to look? If something happens to someone you love, you may be asked to make critical decisions that depend on being able to find the appropriate papers – medical records, for example, or a will.

And if your family needs to make those sorts of decisions for you? Would they know where to begin? In times of crisis, things will be difficult enough without the added stress of being unable to locate key documents. But help is at hand – a single source repository of all the information you, your loved ones, or advisors might need.

The solution

Family DocuMap is a simple and logical way to organise, document, manage, and maintain all your personal and financial paperwork. Developed by American document specialist, Linda Donegan, the Family DocuMap service is a simple, yet highly effective means of ensuring critical documents are immediately available to all the people who might need to access them.

As the first and only Certified Personal Document Specialist (CPDS) in Australia, I am uniquely qualified to guide you through the Family DocuMap system
, and help you to make this proven methodology work for you.
As a specialist, I understand how your documentation needs to be organised and managed. The DocuMap is both a workbook (for the hard copy) and a computer file or a cloud application, depending on your preference. The location of all your important documents will be mapped to help you find them, and if you wish, stored digitally for immediate access at all times.

Good organisation will frequently save you time and money, but in the case of the Family DocuMap, it could actually save a life. The peace of mind alone is priceless – call today to learn more and make an obligation-free appointment to receive a detailed quote.


Blog post about Family DocuMap can be found here.


Testimonial from a client:

Dear Chantal,

I have to say that, in theory, the idea of having all the important documents of our family life seemed both a good one and a necessary one.

At the end of the process, I am so glad that we embarked on this path to have the important details of our modern life sorted and organised.

I must thank you for your flexibility and honest advice. You arrived at our home, which had no electricity due to a power line upgrade, and powered on with a laptop, sorting through our mess of paperwork, documents, certificates, and assortment of unruly files.

Your methodical approach helped us to sort through what was needed and also get rid of an enormous amount of paperwork that was cluttering our life.

In the end, we had consolidated two boxes of ‘cream’.

Last month, during an unprecedented heat wave, we were notified by the Country Fire Authority that a bushfire was fast approaching, and it was posing a potential threat to our home. So we activated our fire plan, which was to leave immediately.

For the first time, we were able to grab our two boxes of Family DocuMap files, place them at the door, grab our external hard drives and slot them in the spaces left over in the boxes. We left with not much else.

That experience made me realise how much Family DocuMap enabled us to get out the door quickly.

The hard copy file you have provided us, especially with the ‘to do LIST’ to complete as well as useful suggestions on how to update and keep our DocuMap relevant, has been an excellent prompt for filling all the gaps, such as making a will and considering power of attorney.

They are such hard decisions and considerations, but we have realised that we must make them and accurately inform our loved ones of our wishes. DocuMap makes it easy to do so, and with your professional, friendly and sensitive guidance, we will achieve the peace of mind that we have always wanted for our family—for planned and unplanned circumstances.

Yours truly,

Mun Rosewarne
Mother of two, professional architect


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