How to organise food leftovers

October 1, 2015
How can you organise food? Today, I’m not talking about meal planning (of which I am a big advocate). Instead, I’d like to share an easy method to organise food leftovers.


Despite the best planning and organising efforts, we all will have food leftovers from time to time. I actually cook too much on purpose because I’m not a big fan of sandwiches. Whenever I do give our boys a sandwich for practical reasons, I can be sure to be greeted (if greeted at all that is …) by really hungry and grumpy children when I pick them up from school. Hence, I prefer to give them leftovers from the night before for lunch. They have a microwave at school and can heat it up themselves. When they were younger, I heated it up at home and used a food thermos to keep it warm. Often, I would have leftovers for lunch, too.


So, how do we make sure that we are not throwing out leftovers because we forget about them or can’t remember how old they are? If you are meal planning, you might think that you can just look at your plan and find out when you had which meal. However, if you’re anything like me, this is not always reliable. I do plan and do go shopping once a week. This means I have everything I need at home and sometimes we move things around. Because I then don’t change things on my plan, it’s not very reliable anymore.


So, I have come up with my own method to keep track of our leftovers which I share in this little video.


I hope you find this useful and – as always – I would love to hear about your method or experience.





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