What is a Personal Photo Organiser?

Personal photo organisers help you take control of your printed and digital photos. As a certified Personal Photo Organiser I am constantly attending further training to stay up to date, especially with the fast developing new technologies. My services go from teaching DIY clients how to use their existing programs or how to scan their photos themselves to taking away hard drives and computers to bring back a clean and organised photo hub. A photo organiser not only does at least some of the work for you but we love to teach clients how to look after their photo collection by themselves.

Which suburbs do you service?

I am based in Eltham, a beautiful Melbourne suburb, and am happy to service most suburbs of Melbourne. If you live outside this area, please give me a call to discuss options or book a virtual consultation session.

What happens at the first session?

We do an assessment to start with. We will discuss the current situations as well as your vision and goals so I can work out a plan and – if it is a bigger project – a quote. Usually, we meet at your home. This not only gives me a realistic picture of what we are dealing with but it gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit.

What is APPO and is it important that you are a member?

APPO is the Association of Personal Photo Organisers, the international industry body. As an APPO member, I adhere to a Code of Conduct and Ethics, designed to protect clients. I also have access to further professional development very specific to our industry.

Do I need to buy products and do you sell them?

You most probably have everything you need already. My intention is always to work with what you have. I only sell very few products, e.g. an archival photo storage box, but am happy to advise you on products that work for your situation.

Do you throw out my photos?

No, absolutely not! You are the one who ultimately decides what stays and what goes. I will remove duplicate photos but will keep them in a separate folder if you don’t want me to delete them. I’m not even deleting bad quality photos or the such, they are yours and it is not up to me to make this decision.

Do you do the work for me?

It depends. If it is about cleaning a digital photo mess I do most of the work for you. However, there will always be a part of the project during which we work together. E.g. at the end when I bring you back your new, organised photo hub. I will show you how to go from there so you can maintain your photo collection in the future. I also do the scanning for you at my office.

If your projects involves the sorting of printed photos, we would work together.

What results can I expect and how long will it take?

This very much depends on your situation. Photo organising projects are often big projects and can take a few weeks or even months. Other, smaller projects can be done in one or two sessions. For example showing you how to make a photo book on your computer.

What do I have to do?

To get the most out of it, you need to be committed to the process, open to change and also willing to develop new habits. You might have to invest in some hardware or material, depending on your project. For digital photo organising projects, we often need additional hard drives to set up a backup system. For printed photos, we often need boxes of archival quality to store the precious prints.

How much does your service cost?

I work at an hourly rate of $60. However, most projects are quoted based on the individual scope of delivery at a flat rate which is payable in three increments. I’m always happy to discuss payment options to spread out cost, especially for longer projects.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes – I make a commitment to help you and expect your commitment as well. If you let me know 48 hours before the appointment, it gives me the chance to fill the spot. Otherwise, the session will have to be paid in full.

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