THE best New Year’s resolution for photos!

If you pick one New Year’s resolution, pick this one!

Best Ever New Year's Resolution for Photos

Do you do New Year’s resolutions? Have you maybe even thought of a resolution with regards to your photos?

Personally, I have given up on New Year’s resolution long ago because it simply doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried many years, but nothing really sticks. After a few weeks – the latest – they all go out the window. Which of course makes me feel like a failure, not a nice feeling. Can you relate?

Instead, I like to keep things real. Yes, I do want to improve in many different areas of my life. And photo management is a very important area, too. Not only professionally, as a photo organiser, but of course also for our personal photos. However, I had many plans over the years but I still struggle to keep up. Time is just flying and before I know it, another 6 months have passed and I haven’t done much with my own photos.

Decluttering and organising is of course a very popular New Year’s resolution and mind you, I have nothing against this at all. However, let’s stop and think for a minute … why do we have to declutter and organise in the first place? Yes, we have too much stuff! That’s true for photos, too. We are drowning in photos. We are overwhelmed by the amount of photos and often also the technology and the speed of its development. We are time-poor and there it is … the photo chaos is complete and out of control!

There are many ways to get the photos back under your control, decluttered and neatly organised. Today though, I would like to encourage you to focus on the very first step in the photo management process – so to speak. Yes, you guessed right, it’s about taking photos!

A warning: chances are that you will not like what I’m about to ask you! Building a new habit and changing behaviour is usually a hard thing to do. So, if we think of changing anything, let’s think about what new habit will have the biggest ripple effect.

Let’s nip photo clutter in the bud and think twice before taking a photo! 

Think about why you are taking that photo, what are you going to do with it, will it be of interest in the long run? Thinking about these things will most probably change your habit and before you know it, you will take fewer photos.

Pick this one habit and it will help you long-term 

The positive ripple effect of course is that you will

  • have to spend less time managing these photos,
  • need less digital storage on your devices and in the cloud, hence
  • will spend less money for storage.

Another benefit might be that the overwhelm is not quite as big and chances are that you actually enjoy doing something with your photos, for example photo books. Or – if you have children – think about your legacy. They will be grateful one day if they have to deal with less photos that don’t mean anything to them.


Now, if you just can’t see yourself taking fewer photos, you could tweak this habit and set some rules for yourself, e.g. delete some after you have posted them to your social media account/s. Or save screenshots in Evernote rather than your camera roll because they don’t really belong to the family photos, do they?

I hope these thoughts encourage you to fight photo clutter before it even starts. 

I’d of course love to hear what you think about taking fewer photos. Is this realistic for you? If not, why not? What are you struggling with most? Please don’t be shy and ask away or share your experience with us on Facebook or email me at 

Add up to 5,000 items to a Shared Album (Mac/iPhone)

Shared Albums in iCloud

Did you know you can add 5,000 items to a shared album on your Mac or iPhone? That’s a lot.
Personally, I don’t need or want to access my entire photo collection on my phone (I’m not using iCloud Photo Library but download my phone photos manually to my Mac). Instead, I like to use shared album for photos I want to see on my phone. Maybe from a holiday or often it’s business related. I add the photos to a shared album and then delete them off the phone.

Apple Photos discontinues its Printing Services – How to still order from Your Photos Library using Mimeo

If you are an Apple Photos user you might have heard the news that Apple is discontinuing their printing services. This is a real shame, I have always liked their products. The photo books and other products such as cards are very easy to create and to order. As a Swiss living in Australia I especially liked the fact that I could have calendars printed in Switzerland as gifts for our Swiss relatives and have them sent directly to their address.

However, no reason to panic! Apple has teamed up with third-party apps and you can still order your print products from within Apple Photos :-). All you need to do is to install these apps, which is a matter of  minutes. If you want to order printed products, you will need to install Mimeo Photos, which you can do from within Photos. Once you have it ready to go, you’ll see it is just as easy as it was before to create your print products.

I haven’t ordered a book yet from Mimeo but I am expecting that the quality will be the same as it was before.

Here is a short tutorial for you about how to install Mimeo – or other integrated apps such as Wix, Whitewall or GoodTimes. Please note that Shutterfly is not available for Australian users.

Have fun creating new photo books or other keepsakes!

Update: I have in the meantime had an album printed and I am happy with the outcome and the service. The quality looks exactly the same as it always did with the Apple photo books … printing, paper, binding everything the same in my view. The only thing I could say is that the photos appear darker than they do on the screen. But this was always the case and also happens with other suppliers.


SmugMug buys Flickr – what does that mean for you and your photo collection?

Image SmugMug buys Flickr

You might have heard in the news that Flickr is being bought by SmugMug. What exactly does this mean for you if you have a Flickr account?

First of all, nothing will change at the moment, so no need to panic.

If you have a Flickr account, you won’t see any difference. You can use your usual login and do whatever you where able to do until now – as you would have been informed by email. What changes at the moment is the ownership. What SmugMug will do over time with Flickr we naturally don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.

Should you not agree with the change in ownership and choose to not have your account transferred to SmugMug, you will have to go to your Flickr account, download everything you want to keep and then delete your account in your account settings. This will have to be done by 25th May 2018. Should you need help with this, I’m more than happy to give you a hand – just call me on 0413 216 589.

However, if you’re not bothered about the ownership change, you don’t need to do anything. Your account will be transferred to SmugMug and their terms and conditions and privacy policy will come into force (read here:, and here:

While this all sounds kind of harmless, it is one of the reasons why companies and service providers like these shouldn’t be used as backup systems. At least these accounts shouldn’t be your only backup. It is entirely out of our control what they do and how it affects our content. Whilst they absolutely do have a place (I often use and like SmugMug), we shouldn’t rely on them heavily and stay in control of our photos.



A Family Photo Project: How I Tackled the Sorting and Digitising of our Family Photos

'A Family Photo Project'


Even Professional Photo Organisers have to deal with their own family photo collections. Often, working on these projects is at least part of what triggered a photo organiser’s passion and interest in working in this field to help others to achieve a similar result and peace of mind.

In this article, I share the personal story – and the steps – of helping my mother sort and digitise her entire collection of family photos. Her living in Switzerland and me in Australia of course didn’t make it any easier. In an ideal world, the project may have been conducted slightly different. But we had to work with what we had at the time and this is an account of a very realistic and pragmatic approach.

I do hope that it inspires you to tackle your own family photo collection, whether by doing it yourself or by outsourcing some or all of the work. Because work is involved, there is no two ways about it. However, the result is ever so satisfying and the peace of mind knowing that your precious photos and memories are digitised and backed up is invaluable. Not to mention the joy that these photos can now be shared so easily with many others in the family. A project like this can also be a very connecting experience due to the stories that are inevitably being shared. Working together on your family photos will become a precious memory in itself!

Please click here to read the whole story:

I will soon write another article about how we continued work together once the photos were scanned. If you haven’t signed up yet, use the form on your right hand-side to make sure you don’t miss future posts and tips about photo organising.


Prepare and Backup Your Photos BEFORE Natural Disaster Hits

How do you prepare your photo collection for the worst case?


Living in the bushfire prone outskirts of Melbourne, in beautiful Nillumbik – which is also called the green wedge – has triggered my passion for keeping photo collections safe at all times but especially during summer.

It can be a very overwhelming project and there is no doubt it is usually very time consuming. Read in this guest blog how you can prepare and backup your photos before natural disaster hits. If you are time-poor, the quick solution will be scenario 2 mentioned in the article. I call it the ‘Grab and Run’ scenario. Ideally however, you are able to set some time aside and work on your photo collection to prepare it even more. Either way, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your photos are as safe as they can be.

Click here to read the complete article.


Sorting Printed Photos

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