Organization isn’t about perfection;
it’s about efficiency, reducing stress
and clutter, saving time and money and
improving your overall quality of life.

Christina Scalise



Do you feel overwhelmed the moment you enter your home?


Would you like to spend more time with your loved ones?


Do you know where your important health records are?


Are you fed up wasting time looking for things?


Is your kitchen bench a dump for the paper that keeps flowing into your home?


Have you had enough of rushing from one activity to the next?


Are you panicking when someone calls unannounced?

Simply In Order is here to help! 

I believe that we all deserve a home that supports us. A home that is a safe place and a sanctuary. A home that helps us to thrive in whatever endeavours we are undertaking. We deserve to be surrounded by people and things that bring us joy and make us feel energised.

Unfortunately, clutter and chaos often hinder us. Clutter seems to grow all by itself and in no time, our beautiful home is once again a source of stress instead of a sanctuary. What can we do to stop this? Decluttering is only part of the solution. Once we have fewer things it is important to store these in a convenient and practical way. Routines and habits are the third key to success. If we don’t change our behaviour, clutter will creep back into our home in no time.

I like to use this holistic approach and with me, you are going to work in all three of these areas because you deserve an uncluttered and organised home, once and for all.

Are you ready to take the first step? 


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